Know Jesus?

The term “saved” is found in the Bible numerous times and literally means to be “saved” from destruction or penalty that is due us. We recognize that humanity is imperfect and naturally sinful and therefore needs released from the bondage of that sinful nature. We believe Jesus Christ did that for us and hence paid the ultimate penalty for our sins.

What can you do to “be saved”?

There is nothing you can do to be saved! There is no good you can do to ever be good enough for God’s grace. Jesus did everything for you. Your only responsibility is to accept Christ’s death and resurrection and “to confess with your mouth, Jesus is Lord” and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead. (Rom 10:9)

If there is a genuine acknowledgement of Jesus Christ as Lord in your life you will instinctively change. He will help you live life that is abandoned to your own desires and He will give you His desires!!

Although there will be times which you will feel like you’ve failed, you will still have a deep desire to do what is right and shun what is not. You will HATE sin!


Feel free to contact the church (Pastor Jason Manns) if you are unsure of your salvation or if you have a desire to “be saved”.



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